Saturday, March 15, 2014

Driscoll's Deception

    An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not addicted to wine or pugnacious, but gentle, peaceable, free from the love of money. ~ 1 Timothy 3:2–3

Well, it happened again.  Mark Driscoll's name popped up in the news again and as usual it wasn't accompanied with the smell of roses.  It smelled of something else.  So as people do, they posted the story and then the Driscoll zombies came out.  They commented on these posts with their usual blind defense of his actions.  I decided to lay low and fly quietly under the radar as it all unfolded on a brother's wall.  After about 60 comments and perhaps 35 turning of the eyes at the character traits of this wayward "shepherd" I decided to chronicle a small list that reveals the utter folly of defending such a "shepherd."

What is typically neglected is the pattern of his life. What is always trumped up as a defense is that none is without sin, none are perfect. However, this defense flies in the face of scripture that the true shepherd of God's sheep, God's flock, is not called to be perfect but he is clearly commanded to be of such a high character so as to come before the presence of the Holy One and be gifted to proclaim the excellencies of His name.  The office of elder is no little office nor some place where boys come and play.  It is as one true shepherd says, "serious business."

So here is a short list of why a man like Driscoll should not be anywhere near a pulpit.  For when a man is immature how in the world can he 

proclaim (Christ), warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that (he) may present everyone mature in Christ. ~ Colossians 1:28

So here a few things that are quite revealing of such a "shepherd."
  • The man has plagiarized (ie. stolen) another's work and attributed it to himself.  When called on it he claimed he did not know and/or his editors didn't catch it.  Blame shifting.  He's not stupid as he claimed ignorance/deflected blame.  He knows a thing or two about the English language and writing.

  • The man just happened "to be in the area" when he dropped in on Strange Fire in L.A. in October.  Grace Community Church is not on the way to Long Beach unless he drove all the way from Seattle.  He had to purposely drive north from LAX to Grace Community Church, no small feat on a weekday, and then back to Long Beach that was just 15-20 miles south of LAX.

  • He comes to pass out books at a conference knowing that book publishers have deals at conferences to promote certain approved titles. He is not ignorant of this known professional practice.  Yet he comes anyway and promotes himself.

  • He claims via Twitter that his books are confiscated so everyone can freak out and he can discredit other ministries.  The book "confiscation" is a complete farce (ie. lie) and takes place about 20 feet from me and with many trusted long time brothers who tell the truth and have video of it that nothing was taken but rather he was told not to pass them out, the common professional practice of such things at conferences.  Then he was offered help to take them back to his car.  He replies, "No, you can have them.  They're my gift."  Grace Church takes the high road and tells people with video footage (ie. evidence) not to publish it in order to calm the story down.

  • He pays to have his book kept on the top sellers list.  Enough said.

  • He then goes on Janet Medford's show and denies everything (ie. does not repent) and then comes up with an obvious and sudden cough so he can feign sickness (ie. lies) and tell her she ought to be impressed that he took the time to grace her show with his presence (ie. pride.) 

This is a short list.  The man is a proud showboating boy who exhibits no qualities to be in such an as office as elder/pastor/teacher of God's church.  A guy with these character traits and actions in the Levitical priesthood would be dead in a day for such blasphemy against God's holy standard for leaders, those that represent Christ to the flock and the world.  At best, true prophets of the like of Isaiah and Ezekiel would stand in strong opposition as they warned the people and the "prophet" to repent.

Unlike the Apostle Paul who told Timothy to imitate me as I imitate Christ, Mark Driscoll can make no such statement.  He is disqualified by his life.

Think about it and follow scripture not men!

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