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Kevin McDonnell:

I grew up in Orange County CA as a very apt rebel.  Being the "man of the house" at 14 was more than this kid could handle.  I rejected Christianity despite knowing without a doubt it's veracity.  I was the kid who mocked Christians when I saw them on the roads.  But God....oh those two words!  At 24 I was radically transformed by a Sovereign God.  Today I'm just a simple guy zealous about my Lord while walking in truth.  I've spent most of my life under the shadow of Grace Community Church and the faithful teaching that has come from GCC and The Master's Seminary.  For reference sake, I am a Doctrines of Grace guy, all five without apology.  I met my dearest bride at a bible study in 1994 and quickly married her before she thought twice.  I currently live north of L.A. in the mountains with my wife, 2 children and our critters.

Christopher Williams:

I grew up in South Central Los Angeles, CA in a family where my father was a pastor and my mother was very active in church.  Yes, I am a preachers kid and the "gene" skipped over my brother and landed on me. It is by no merit of my own that I am able to type anything on this blog. It was God who, by His grace and the work of His Son Jesus Christ, saved me.  I am a thinker and a bookworm, and my favorite subject is to study biblical theology.  I love to take in the progressive nature of God's revelation in Scripture.  I met my wife during a rehearsal for an acapella group and God has blessed us with 14 years of togetherness, 10 of which were married years.  You'll find me in the South - Jacksonville FL - where I reside with my wife and youngest son. My oldest son and daughter are on their own.  

Travis W. Rogers:

I was born and raised in Florida.  While I may have started in the Boca Raton and Lake Worth area, I'll always consider Branford to be my home.  There's just something about that "one flashing yellow light" town near Gainesville.  I left Branford in 2000 to join the Navy. Since then I've been all over the world. I've had many experiences, including finding the woman God has gifted me with, a passion to know His Word and teach it to others.  As of right now, I have self-published two books ("Wading in the Deep End: Difficulties in Scripture & Theology" and "[TULIP]s &  [ROSE]aries: Weeding Out False Doctrine), both of which can be found on Amazon.  As you happen to read any posts I make I pray you may be blessed by them and wind up closer to God.  

Todd Pearson:

I lived my life as a false convert from the age of 5 until I was 33.  In February 2004 God reached down and knocked me to my knees.  He snatched me from out of a pit of death and sin which I was dragging my family.  I was on the outside, in public, everything I was supposed to be, but in private and on the inside I was a wretched and wicked man.  I have grown in the 10 years since then.  I am nowhere near where I should be, not by a long shot. I strive everyday but at the same time I fail.  It is only the work of God that holds me and I joyfully rest in His strong grip as I walk the path He has blazed for me.  I hope my offerings by way of my articles compel you to pursue God and pursue holiness, without which you will not see the Lord.  I pray my words will push you to find your joy alone in Christ.  SOLI DEO GLORIA!  

Tony Descisciolo:  

I spend a lot of time testing what I've been taught according to the scriptures. I'd like to say I do it's because I'm just that spiritual. But the truth is, I've spent years under watered down teaching and wishy washy doctrine that did very little in increasing my knowledge of God and even less in strengthening my walk. I'm not one to hold labels so if you want to know what i believe, just ask me. It's better than holding a title over my head so people can read it and judge me accordingly. I'd much rather talk about it, share some time together, glorify my Lord and hopefully gain a friend in the process. I hold the truth of God's word above experience and my desire is to honor my Lord as I eagerly await eternity with Him. I'm often taken as harsh but it's never my intent, I just like to speak clearly and openly. I'm not one for flattery so if I tell you I love you, I mean it. I'm about as educated as your left shoe, so I'm not here to brag in my accomplishments. I'm here to keep it real, share a few thoughts, gain some friends, grow in my walk and contend earnestly for the faith. 


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