Why We Do This

To exalt the name of Jesus Christ through thoughts that direct our hearts and minds to Him. The current world climate is in a terrible state, somewhere between Sardis (thinking it's alive to Christ but dead) and Laodicea (lukewarm and useless - see Revelation 3).  God the Holy Spirit calls such people to listen, hear, and repent.  In listening we eagerly await instruction from God Himself through His written word. In the scriptures everything pertaining to life and godliness are found. In hearing we diligently seek to obey His commandments, which are not burdensome but a joy. In repentance we humbly admit our failure to obey Him (sin) and by the aid of the Holy Spirit forsake such disobedience and follow Him.

We come from different walks of life and have different perspectives.  We're not cookie cutter believers here.  We are not highly trained men but serious students of His word who seek to search the truths found within that we might grow in grace ourselves and direct others to do likewise.  We have some differences but on most things we agree and on the core we are dogmatically committed.

We wholeheartedly agree that man is totally depraved and both unable and unwilling to choose Christ without the aid of the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit as the Father draws men to Himself through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.  We affirm that such grace is irresistible as no one can resist His will nor thwart His purposes.  We gladly submit to the truth of scripture that God the Father has chosen His own from before the foundation of the world by His divine foreknowledge and has set us apart for salvation, entirely upon His choosing as opposed to His foreseeing our choosing Him.  We agree that He came to save His own and that the atonement is definite towards His sheep.  We agree that since it is Him that begins the work of Sovereign grace in our hearts that it is He who keeps us until the very end as we are not only secure in the Father's hand but the Son's hand also.  We agree that the call to salvation is open to all men yet not all men will come.  We believe that wrath awaits those who reject the free gift of grace given through the blood of the cross and accomplished by the resurrection of Christ.  Yet for those that receive this free grace an eternal home in the heavens is being prepared where we shall dwell with the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world.

Therefore, we make it our aim to make much of Christ in utter dependence that God will do His work in each person that crosses these paths and that He will be glorified in all.  We desire to point all who would come through here to the true Sovereign King of the universe, sometimes calling out and sometimes calling to holiness but always exalting of Christ and His kingdom.

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